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BMF-1 Bare Metal Foil (New Improved Chrome)
KEN-103 Ken’s Kustom Black Flocking
DM-9000 Polishing Abrasive Kit
TRE-W Treatment Model Wax Kit
BMF-4 Bare Metal Foil (Ultra Bright Chrome)
BMF-11 Bare Metal Foil (Matte Aluminum)
DM-9009 Polishing Abrasive 12000 Grit
MLW-101 Molotow Chrome Marker-1mm
DM-9008 Polishing Abrasive 8000 Grit
GR-11001 License Plate Decals
KEN-140 Ken’s Kustom Light Grey Flocking
GR-11043 Wood Grain and Bed Strips Decals
KEN-123 Ken’s Kustom Beige Flocking
DM-9004 Polishing Abrasive 3200 Grit
DM-9007 Polishing Abrasive 6000 Grit
DM-9005 Polishing Abrasive 3600 Grit
KEN-118 Ken’s Kustom Navy Flocking
MLW-103 Molotow Chrome Pen-4mm
KEN-D15 Ken’s Kustom Blue Dice
MLW-102 Molotow Chrome Pen-2mm
DM-9051 Fine Sandpaper 800 Grit
DM-9006 Polishing Abrasive 4000 Grit
GR-11041 Goodyear Tires & Fenders
KEN-101 Ken’s Kustom Silver Grey Flocking

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