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1984 Asian Tuner Checkered Flag Decal

1984 Asian Tuner Checkered Flag Decal

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DECALS The goal of most decals is to accurately replicate a coporate logo sponsor or numercal designation. Scale Motorsport decals however are: Engineered to respond like heat shrink tubing. Designed to replicate the intricate patterns of composite fiber materials and interior upholstery patterns. Composite Fiber Decals Sold as single sheets from 1:12 to 1:43, each measuring 4-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches, Scale Motorsport Composite Fiber Decals in twill or plain weave replicate the materials used in race cars beginning in the early 1980s. Not just used in Formula I cars anymore, composite fiber can be found extensively throughout all modern day race cars, street rods, Asain and Euro Tuners and the family sedan too! Carbon Fiber Black on Pewter or Black on Bronze is generally used to form body, chassis, and interior cockpit components. Carbon Kevlar is generally used to form brake ducting and chassis components. Kevlar is used on components that require additional puncture- proof qualities such as fuel cells and chassis components. Template Carbon Fiber Decal Sets Scale Motorsport's Templated Carbon Fiber Decal Sets offer the serious automotive modeler the ability to add detail never before possible to today's new breed of racing car model kits. Our pre-templated sheets are designed to fit specific model kits, and all that's required to use them is an interest in advancing your model building skills. Our more complex line of DeclKits take that premise one step further by adding unique schemes and features, such as the incredible Warsteiner Porsche 911 GT1 you see in the picture. DeclKits are not for beginners, but modelers of moderate to advanced experience will enjoy the challenge. Upholstery Pattern Decals Scale Motorsport Upholstery Pattern Decals are capable of molding and conforming to any surface contour including the old standby tuck'n roll. Think of our Upholstery Pattern Decals as "Clear Pattern Overlays". The white areas of each pattern are actually clear decal film that allows whatever color you've painted the seats, door panels, headliner, or trunk liner to show through, becoming a part of a complete textiled surface.