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DM-9000 Polishing System Assortment

DM-9000 Polishing System Assortment

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Micro Mesh 3200 grit, 3600 grit, 4000 grit, 6000 grit, 8000 grit & 12000 grit Caution: This is a paint removal polishing system. The pholishing abrasive cloths are designed to remove the top surface of the paint. Use care to avoid polishing through the paint layers, especially at the edges and body creases. Pratice on a spare body first! Let the paint on your model cure for at least 3 weeks. For most surfaces start with the 3200 grit. A ruff paint surface may require a courser 1500,1800 or 2400 grit, also sold here at Detail Master. Order you kit today and make your model shine like the real deal.