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DM-3124 1/24-1/25 Fury Skull Billet Steering Wheel Kit

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DM-3124 1/24-1/25 Fury Skull Billet Steering Wheel Kit comes with 1 horn button, 2 half billet steering whls, 1 photo etch part. Be sure to check out all 7 Steering wheel kits. You can also use the skull as the horn button. The 2 small pcs. go onto the forhead of the skull. 1 says Bad, the other is a flame. If you want a real shiny photo etch part use our DM-9007,9008, and 9009 micro mesh polishing cloth. Put the photo etch pc on the micro mesh polishing cloth, place your index finger on the photo etch pc and fermly rub the etch pc back and forth. Use all 3 polishing cloth starting with the 9007 then 9008 then 9009. You will not beleive the shine! Below you will see the 3122 Steering Wheel used with our Steering Colunm DM-3222. These are sweet together and complete the entire steering system.